Saturday, July 3, 2010

io ritorno

Ciao a tutti!

Finally I sit down and decide to write a lil bit on this blog, which has been on hold for the past 3 months. A lot of things have been going since March 22. Classes got too demanding especially portfolio class. Which for me was one of those that was pretty challenging
with all nighters and the idea of trying to wow that killer Prof, but everything turn out Fabuloso and I got A! Yup and A....So all of those sleepless nights and tears were so worth it. Another thing was that on May 25 was my AAS graduation at Radio City. My grandparents who haven't really been to NYC in about 50 years came from P.R. They were really comforting and we tried to take them to all the places they wanted to see. After that we spent a couple of days down in NC at my parents. Now that summer started and I'm taking a summer speech class which has been pretty intense.
Another thing is that I got an internship with a cute flip flop company called Sand By Saya. Its been a month since I started and its been a great experience and exposure to the industry even though it is a small company. But I like the idea of a small company because we pretty much do everything our selves and we don't have one defined thing to do. Plus everybody is pretty sweet.
Check out the Site @

Oh did I tell you a turned 20!? yes that's another thing. I'm 20 now. Wow!!! that's pretty scary. My birthday was on June 23 and my boss got me a cute cake. I also had a little picnic with my FIT people, which turned out into a rooftop party down in the financial district. It was fun. Really!!! The past few years I really haven't had a birthday party, so this one turned out to be one of the best in the last 3 years.
Oh oh oh!!! guess what is the best birthday present I received this year???....

FIT Scholarship. Yes yes yes! after 2 years of trying and crying and showing up in the Financial Aid office regularly I finally got some dough. Ou gowsh! I still cant believe it. Every time i went they said no no NOOOOO money for you, but finally I guess they got tired of me a finally decided to give me some free money.

So far everything is going great! And I have to say that I cant wait till school starts to get my hand on and learn some new stuff.

Nothing else to say about my life.
Ciao ragazzi!

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