Saturday, July 24, 2010

Generation Y

While Doing some research this morning I came face to face with Generation Y, my generation. Its so weird because I was just asking myself this about 3 days ago. What generation am I from? How do experts label us?

So basically if you were born bet 1977 and 1994 you are part of Gen Y also called "the echo boomers" and by 2018 we will be half of the working society. We have become the largest consumer group in the U.S. We have the power of the Internet, which basically has been our friend ever since we discovered it. Using this powerful tool we have become young entrepreneur starting businesses at a faster rate than all those late 30's and 40 year olds.
We are aware of this world environment which influences big corporations, brands and older generations.

We are the Echo Boomers. We are not fully matured yet, but we are reshaping businesses and possibly the world.


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