Monday, October 5, 2009

Très Fatigué

It's been long since I don't post in this blog. School started and it's been crazy and tiring ever since it did. Classes are tough this semester, but I was warned, so it does not really surprise me. I've also been working which is a new thing for me cause I've never have had a really job before.I work as a Student Ambassador, which is a pretty fun one because I get to do fun stuff around school.

My trip to Puerto Rico was an ok one. There wasn't to much excitement going on, but I got to spend some time with my grandparents, who are always supportive of me with all the stuff I want to do. One of the highlights of the trip was that I got to spend sometime with my dog, Minnie, which I miss so much. We got to do so many things that we used to do together like sleeping and going for walks together. I can't really say that I regret the trip, but I wish that I had done other things I wanted to do.

Since school started I haven't really done much, just school work. But I got to do some pretty exciting things during fashion week like going to Fashion's Night Out and parties. I got to reunite with one of my best friends from high school who just recently moved to NYC, which was nice because we lost communication and we got the chance to catch up.I also got to go to the US Open Women's final, which was really a priceless moment.

I don't have interesting pictures of what I've done lately, but here are some random ones...

Ahyoung, Jorge and I

At the Us Open

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall!

PS: I'm practicing my french, so that's why the title is in french. I hope I wrote it right, so maybe someday ill post something in french.

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