Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Para "La Isla Del Encanto"

(To "The Island of Enchantment")

It's been a few weeks since I don't post anything, because I've been in NYC for a week now and I've been really busy. It feels so good to be back in the city and to tell you the truth I can't wait till school starts. I've been out with some of my FIT friends , Jorge and Ahyoung, a few times. I went to Staten Island and took the ferry for the first time, it was really an adventure, because Jorge had invited Ahyoung and me to a family BBQ and omg we ate so much.

Some pictures of that day...

Yesterday I went to the Met with my aunt Gloria, who just left on a trip to the amazon jungle, to see the Model as Muse exhibition. The exhibition is just gorgeous I definitely recommend it. After that Ahyoung and I went down to Soho to have a snack and then we went to K Town (Korea town) for some pinkberry and Korean shaved ice.

So, one of the reasons I'm writing this post is because tomorrow ill be going to "The Island of Enchantment" (Puerto Rico of course) for two weeks before school starts. My grandparents have been begging for me to go and they even paid for my airline ticket as a birthday gift. I can't wait to see everybody but in special my dachshund Minnie, which is staying with my grandparents while my parents decide if it is best to bring her or not.

I probably will not be posting for the next 2 to 3 weeks, but ill try my best in doing so and telling you about my days back home in P.R.
Hope everybody enjoys their last weeks of summer.

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