Friday, July 10, 2009

The Intro.

First of all, my name is Nathalie and I'm originally from Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, a town located in the central north coast of the island. My parents currently live in North Carolina and I stay with family in New Jersey while I attend college in NYC. Ever since I stepped foot in this great city I knew this was the place that I wanted to go to school. I'm currently a student at the Fashion Institute Of Technology majoring in Accessories Design, which is one of my many passions.

I love to explore and learn about things that inspire and are unknown to me. Everything like: music, art, food, cultures, languages, and places, but most importantly about fashion and how it comes to life. With this blog I will share with you things I find interesting and inspiring as well as life experiences and daily thoughts.

Sometimes I like to express myself in spanish, but I'll try my best in translating or explaining it in english. If you have any comments, questions or corrections feel free to tell me (I know I'm no the best at writing), it will be well appreciated.


Photo: Vega Baja beach"Marbella", just a few minutes from my house.
Picture taken in September 2007 by Nina (my mom)

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  1. I Love that pic of Marbella Beach, I can feel the sounds, aromas and warm sun, the cool and refreshing feeling of the salty water, Those are the precious moments that are etched in our memorie for ever.


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